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Purple Diamonds


Purple Diamond Rings


Any ring which can be made with near-colourless diamonds can also be made with purple diamonds. It may be more difficult because of the greater rarity of purple diamonds, and the greater problem to find matching stones, but it can be done, with great results.

Purple Diamond Ring 4130


Solitaire rings remain a favourite for fancy coloured diamonds such as purple ones.

Price & Availability:-
Ref #AlloyCaratsColourClarityRSP Price Price $Avail
403018 Carat White Gold0.51Deep PurpleP1, 2 "Naturals" on girdle1,8951,267$1,786Sold
412818 Carat Yellow Gold0.54Mid PurpleSI11,9951,359$1,916Sold

Notes on Table
Carats = Diamond weight in carats.
Colour = Diamond Colour (Our Estimate)
Clarity = Diamond Clarity (Our Estimate)
RSP = Retail Selling Price (Our Estimate)

Lighter Purple Diamond Ring 4128
Three Stones

Fancy coloured diamonds are very effective when used in conjunction with white diamonds. A purple centre diamond with two near-colourless ones retains a traditional look. The owner could retain the secret that the centre stone was a diamond while an onlooker might assume wrongly that it was "only" a sapphire.
Although we have not yet made any diamond three stones using purple diamonds, we undoubtedly will at some time in the future.


Watch This Space

Watch this space for more rings featuring purple diamonds.

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